Anybody else out there still typing 2 spaces after each piece of punctuation?

According to the venerable Grammer Girl ( episode 465), 2 spaces is passe. But even in her own argument, she links to an even more venerable source: the APA style guide You know what they say?

return to two spaces after the period at the end of the sentence recommended for ease of reading comprehension

What’s the deal, grammer girl? After all, as even you say, web browsers are going to combine those spaces. And that makes sense; worrying about how much whitespace I use is, unless you’re writing python ( also this, just for run), for typesetters. And yet you argue that I should bother not using 2 space after all my punctuation?

Whatever. The typesetters can fix it when they’re subjected to my textual proclivities. I’m going to keep doing it.

Long live 2 spaces!

Hint: look at the page source.

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