Wed Feb 10 2016 13:56:26

Welcome to danf.us

Thanks for checking out my new website. I have to switch from spore.ath.cx over to danf.us because I don't have administrative control over the ath.cx domain.

I'm taking the opportunity to reorganize and relink my websites, as I prepare to move content from spore over to here, and to decide what to keep, what to replace, and what to delete.

There's some fun links over to the left, and I hope to add more content as I continue the switchover process. I'm also moving email over to the danf.us domain.

Some Brain Candy

According to Wikipedia's page on n-dimensionality, this is a rotating Hypercube. I think it's just dandy. I gather from the site that it was rendered using matrices, because, as the page explains,

Rotation is motion of points in a circular path. A point cannot trace out a spherical path as it moves through space, so rotation is inherently a phenomenon of two dimensions at a time. The sine and cosine functions, which describe circular motion, are a pair of functions that cannot readily be expanded to form a triple. A matrix, however, is very easily generalized to any natural number of dimensions.